Caro, Michigan

Caro was founded on the ridge just above the site of the Chippewa Village that early on stood at the Oxbow in the Cass River that was known by Native Americans as “Pe-See-Kop-To-Qua-Yone.” It is now the site of the Caro Dam in Section 10, Indianfields Township, Tuscola County. Caro would be built and organized on Section 3. On Section 10, at the gate of the Chippewa Village, the logging camp that started the “boom” in logging Cass River was established by Curtis Emerson in 1848. Paschel Richardson of Tuscola Village purchased land for logging on the future site of Caro or Section 3, Indianfields Township, also in 1848. The Johnson brothers, Daniel and Soloman, began to build the City of Zilwaukee, Michigan, from Cass River Pine timber that they logged from the land at the future site of Caro and that they bought in 1849. This was how the events would align.

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